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See which is #TheFaceofRomania now and discover some of the stories worth telling about Romanians, captured through portraits by some of the most well-known Romanian photographers!

Tiberiu Arsene is a young photographer, specialized in Beauty photography. Thanks to his work, he captured portraits of hundreds of interesting people, from public figures to models and talented youngsters and he strongly believes that every face tells a story, fascinating to discover.

I’m excited about the campaign because is the first time when I can choose the portraits I want to shot and share it with other people, based on another criteria that I usually do: the beauty of people's stories and not just that of their faces.” , said Tiberiu.

Cristian Sutu is the initiator and the owner of the photo-studio www.fotounion.ro, known for his public photography campaigns such as Woman Portrait, Family Portrait, Child Portrait, Scholar Portrait and Man Portrait, which he organized it since 2011. With a 16 years experience in local press, Cristian Sutu is also a blogger, very active on his 10 years old blog www.sutu.ro. He is very passionate of Instagram photography, for which he uses the smartphone exclusively.

“It’s been almost three years since I came up with the idea of a journalistic project, focused on people of all kinds, which are doing a great job in their activity. It’s about people I could recommend or people who could become role models for the youngers. The Face of Romania campaign is, fortunately, a project alike, for which I am very proud to be part of with my skills and positivity” , said Cristian.

Calin Stan is passionate about photography for over 12 years. During this time, he set up and developed the largest site dedicated to photographers in Romania - ClubulFoto.com, which has become a stand-alone business, meanswhile. He is specialized in commercial, culinary, real estate and event (corporate) photography, but he also engages with great pleasure in travel and landscape photography. He's looking all the time for new challenges and he has been using Huawei smartphones in the last years.

“Why did I choose to get involved in the Huawei #TheFaceOfRomania campaign? I think that at this moment, Huawei smartphones, with Leica cameras, are the best options for a photographer. The bokes effect and the Leica-specific effects represent new challenges for photographers, through their power to make photos that couldn’t be shot until now with a smartphone. And where there are new photographic challenges, you can find me!” , said Calin.

Vlad Eftenie is an Architect, lecturer at the University of Architecture and a dedicated photographer. Through the photos he takes, he tries to convey emotion and to show that the city can also be a place of wonderful harmony and events in its defining ephemeral. Space, time and emotion are the ingredients with which he tries to work as consistently as possible to create a positive image of the daily routine.

“In my photographic work, I look at the city and its inhabitants in a positive note. In a world where the daily routine only means the routine we are trying to protect from, I want convince the viewers that the city may be a bright place, filled with miracles and sensitive moments, that people can be beautiful. Huawei’s idea, of showing to the whole world that Romanians are beautiful, it’s a more than welcome initiative, meant to dissolve negative preconceptions. I hope that together we will change the Face of Romania.”

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